The best place to stay

In our business we will provide you with furnished rooms, so you can enjoy a wide comfort in stay with us, we will offer you the best services for each one of our guests, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results. We receive many guests, both national and international, for this reason it is very important for us to have quality and work under high quality standards.

In our facilities we will spend a quiet day as we seek to have a comfortable environment so new area to make friends and have an environment very quiet, safe and with all the comforts. But it also has a good location to go to restaurants, bars or recreation areas.

We guarantee each of our guests that they will have all the luxuries in each of the houses or buildings that we have remodeled with materials and furniture of first quality to make you feel at home, our staff will support you at all times and also provide personalized attention since it has extensive experience in the field.

What characterizes us is that we have the best location in the CDMX, if you come to visit, study or business our rooms are for you and are in very central areas for you to travel by the metro or make new friends. We will provide services such as: electricity, water and gas, as well as free Wi-Fi so that it can be connected and cleaning service.

We provide constant maintenance to our facilities and we are also looking for services to provide a better service. The rooms are in perfect condition, everything in the room is new or just placed to provide comfort and feel at home. Here you can find a mix between national and international residents and we have common areas and is in the safest area of the CDMX.

All rooms have everything you need for your stay as well as excellent security since we have a closed-circuit television; the front door only opens with special labels are electronic keys that are very difficult to copy.

We offer a wide range of rooms in addition to all our rooms can be placed different sizes of mattresses depending on how many people are, but you can check beforehand if we have a room that suits your needs. We pay for the services and we also clean common areas so that you always find your house clean, what characterizes us is that we are a very transparent business, so you do not have to waste so much time in many paperwork.

Our security is guaranteed and therefore we have the best cameras to monitor our homes and customers are always protected.